Carolyn developed a passion for photography in early high school, learning the craft on her grandfather's SLR and making prints at night having set up her enlarger in her family's kitchen... (all to have disappeared again by morning).

In the '90s, Carolyn studied Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney) and went on to pursue a creative career in graphic design and illustration. She used photography extensively in her design work and later began working commercially in photography. She shoots a wide range of subjects and styles and specialisies in the documentary of fine art and the making process. 

In 2010, Carolyn gave birth to her first baby, and has since become a mum of three gorgeous little ones. Naturally, she applied her photography skills to capturing the fleeting moments of her own growing family, and now loves to offer family photography as a service to other families looking for a beautiful record of their love and connections at this moment in time.