Photographic Services

Carolyn Price Photography Sculpture Photography


Art photography is a niche field in which Carolyn lends her own creative vision to document both small and large scale works of art. She has an extensive porfolio of images of works by artists including Jade Oakley, Marguerite Derricort and Robert Hague, and works with agents Creative Road and Public Artworks.

Carolyn Price Photography Family Photography


With natural light and environments abundant in Australia, Carolyn prefers to step outside the studio to craft lasting family memories and images. She has a number of favourite locations around Sydney or can photograph your family at home or in a location of your choice (if suitable).

The best times for outdoor portraits are at first light in the morning or 'golden hour', late in the day and as the sun begins to set in the evening. Carolyn's family packages include a mix of casually posed/prompted shots and totally candid images. She also has experience with kids with special needs and can work with your family to ensure a positive experience.

Carolyn Price Photography Documentary Photography


Chronicle and capture important events and moments with a comprehensive series of thoughtful, candid photographs taken from Carolyn's creative perspective.

Personal: Carolyn loves to observe and document genuine emotions and candid, fleeting moments. In years to come, these images will transport you back to how you feel with your family whirling around you right now. In addition to her standard family photography packages, Carolyn is available to document your family for a half or full day 'as it happens' (both at home and on location throughout the day).

Professional: Documentary photos can help build your professional profile and connect with your audience, building customer relationships and marketing your services. 

Process: Documenting the process of art-making is one of Carolyn's favourite assignments. She has a White Certificate (for projects on construction sites) and can provide an insight into the creative process through both photography and videography.

Carolyn Price Photography Maquettes and Mockups Photography

Maquettes and Mock Ups

Creative photographic treatments for maquettes and mock ups can effectively communicate your vision and purpose. Professional presentation is essential when submitting concepts in a competitive tender process - to visualise ideas and inspire judges, and also, importantly, to build confidence in all areas of the submission (capability, timeframe, budget etc). 

Carolyn's images have been an integral component in a growing number of successful tender submissions for large scale public art installations.

Carolyn Price Newborn Sculpture Photography


Early childhood and birth can be a whirlwind of activity, discovery and fleeting moments for young families. Gentle newborn moments captured in time re-centre our thoughts and are a catalyst for memories of very a special time in life.

Carolyn is a mother of three and understands how precious these moments are and how difficult 'finding time' during the first few weeks can be. Her approach is always patient and caring, with both your tiny baby and all family members. She will help you to look how you feel on the inside, and document the intensity and wonder of these new connections.

Sessions are available in her home studio, or as lifestyle sessions in your home or in your chosen location.

Carolyn Price Product Photography

Product and Styling

Whether flat lay or creatively styled, good product photography can build your brand and increase conversions/sales.

Carolyn uses a both natural and studio lighting to achieve your desired result and can provide image files for a multitude of purposes (online store, printed collateral, magazine editorial) as well as editing services such as deep etching and compositing. 

For small scale projects, she offers creative styling to align with your brand image, and for larger projects, collaborates with independent professional stylists.